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Hello, everybody!

Started by Rodica Stacescu, April 03, 2014, 08:40:53 PM

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Rodica Stacescu

Hello, everybody!
I'm a new member of the english version of Total Mush Forum and I'll be very happy to be connected with people interested as much as I am in growing roses. I have a small garden in Piatra Neamt and I began to know more things about roses only for about two years ago. I often visit the best sites that present these beautifull plants and I always read with a  great interest all the opinions and the stories concerning the old classes and varieties of roses.I have a small collection that includes about 60 varieties  of David Austin Roses but  I intend to have a larger garden, where I want to plant other varieties , and to include there roses belonging to all  the  oldest  classes. I hope  to have a good and useful exchange of information with everyone that has the same interest as mine.


You are very welcome, Rodica :)
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Rodica Stacescu

Thanks, Felix, the pleasure is mine! I would like to be active on this forum, could you suggest me some problems that might be of interest for all the members? I am growing roses and not only , maybe someone could be interested to change information with me. I am not very experienced member,  but I could help  anyhow to increase the interest of the others in growing these wonderful  plants.

piece of heaven

Hi Rodica. I'm excited about your presence on this forum. I wait with great interest to tells us about your roses. Thanks  :)


Dear Rodica, I am glad you decided to join us! I don't grow any roses because I don't have a garden (yet), but I love them above all plants ever! I am very impressed you have such a garden with so many Austin roses. Please write about them. They must be amazing!
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