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Greenhouse Definition

Started by lenaanthony, July 26, 2012, 10:25:23 AM

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A greenhouse is essentially a building in which plants are grown, and can range in sizes from tiny sheds to huge buildings. The covering materials used on the greenhouse are plastic or glass-based.

piece of heaven

I intend to do my greenhouse for flowers. I thought to make polycarbonate caught ironwork. I hope to be a good idea.


Green house is an enclosed structure that is used for protection and cultivation of plants. An artificial but healthy environment is provided in green house to the plants to produce in natural way.


Very practical, indeed, to have such a structure when one has lots of plants and no space inside the house to place them during winter.
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I don't think so jonela that just for make more space for plants we have to make green house, as some of the plants are by nature grown in artificial surrounding or environment as for them also green houses are made.